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Kic Wasata


KIC Financial Brokerage Company provides Elegant and innovative services to its clients in the field of electronic trading using the latest technology that allows the trading of local shares through multiple channels to meet the needs of various investors through smart devices or being in one of our branches and therefore remain the preferred medium for customers as well as major investors and various investment institutions.


KIC Brokerage Sector represented by a number of experienced and reputable Brokers in trading in the Kuwait Stock Exchange Market for many years, which Gives our customers the largest amount of information available on each Sectors, Indices and stocks, as well as the latest news and updates Seeking to provide the highest levels of support and clarity to investors, which enables customers to improve performance in the field of trading.  


KIC has an Elite Customer Service team, Scientifically qualified, highly Professional and experienced in the Field. Making us the best, fastest and safest in achieving what our customers expect from supporting and appreciating.


KIC Financial Brokerage Co. Offering excellent service to its Clients  through the smart phones trading Application easily and securely, we providing technical support and maintain the confidentiality of information, Our Customers can trading through the various types of mobile Operating systems currently available via smart phones with the all improvement and updates needed to keep you in pace with the stages of Kuwait Stock Exchange Market Development Plan.




Members of the Board of Directors of KIC financial brokerage Company 


Members of the executive management of KIC financial brokerage company


Company Disclosures and Annual Financial Reports

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KIC Financial Brokerage Co. was established on 29 March 2006 with a capital of 20,000,000. KD In order to exercise its leading and competitive role in this field due to the expertise and competencies it has moved with it from the Kuwait Investment Company and the existence of a professional and administrative organization that will improve the performance of employees in the framework of a clear career future.

KIC Financial Brokerage Co.  is one of the leading companies in the State of Kuwait. We specialize in providing our clients with innovative and exceptional services in the field of financial Brokerage. Our comprehensive and integrated solutions provide our customers with easy access to financial information through trusted intermediaries and experts in this field, as well as the latest technology through our online trading services.

KIC Financial Brokerage Co. was not born at the Moment of incorporation but had been operating as a brokerage firm of Kuwait Investment Company for quite some time. These experiences have moved to the company as well as the addition of strategic shareholders with experience and financial solvency, which enhances the company's position. K.I.C owns majority stake in addition to strategic partners including aBK, Commercial Bank of Kuwait and other financial institutions.



In order to provide the best possible services to our customers at all times, in the event of a complaint or dissatisfaction with the level of service provided, you can submit the complaint as follows:

Please download and fill the complaint form and send it to one of the following branches:

  • Kuwait Stock Exchange Building - First Floor - Kic Wasata - Office No.8 - Customer Service

  • Head Office - Bahman Building - First Floor - KIC Financial Brokerage Co. - Reception 



KIC Wasata

Tel:   (+965)  22273200 - 22273222

Email: info@kicwasata.com
Fax:  (+965)  22273211

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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